Tablo TUNER - DUAL-Tuner USB Adapter

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$69.99 USD

Product Description

Tablo TUNER is a 2-Tuner USB Adapter for use with the Tablo ENGINE app which turns your NVIDIA SHIELD set-top-box into a DVR to discover, watch, and record live Over-The-Air (OTA) TV.

Simply connect a digital TV antenna to your NVIDIA SHIELD using the Tablo TUNER Adapter, and you can start enjoying free broadcast TV, live or later, in full HD. 

The Tablo ENGINE app is free to download and includes a free 30-day trial of Tablo’s TV guide data subscription. After the trial, you can continue to enjoy 24 hours of guide data and live TV without a subscription or you can choose to enjoy a full 14 days of guide data and one-click recording functions for only $3.99/month USD.

Visit for more info. Select and purchase your subscription at:

Limited Time Offer!
As a special introductory offer, with the purchase of a Tablo TUNER adapter, we’re giving you 6 months of Tablo ENGINE guide data subscription absolutely free. Look for the coupon code provided in your order confirmation email.

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